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Interior design


Every interior space I design begins with an in-home consultation.  This gives me a chance to get to know you and your sense of style as well as discuss your goals, your budget and lifestyle to help me create the perfect space for you.

space planning

The biggest considerations when planning interior space is establishing the way a room will be used and how you want to feel when you are in it.  Selecting the right furniture, arrangement, and lighting is how I ensure your room is functional and pleasing.  

flooring & tile

Flooring and tile is a key element for functionality but, it's also a key element for design.  Since there are numerous options for flooring, I will help navigate and educate you through this process to ensure you have the best product for your decor, lifestyle and budget.

Floor Tiles
cabinet design

Cabinet design, whether for a new home or renovation, can be an overwhelming project in and of itself.  I love to help design and walk through this process with my clients to make it as stress-less as possible!!  


Furniture is one more layer of design in a room which has many functions.  It not only needs to be quality and timeless, but functional for your lifestyle.  I help educate my clients on quality and find the perfect pieces for your living spaces without compromising comfort!!


Color and texture set the mood for your space and creates a backdrop to your furniture and artwork.  Choosing the best  paint colors and or wallpaper can be the most important detail of the design as well as the most difficult.  When selecting colors I have the experience  needed to help you choose color with confidence, creating that perfect pallet. 

windows & blinds

Whether you want to make a statement or add privacy,  treating your windows with  beautiful Hunter Douglas Window Treatments finish off any room!!   I can help determine the colors, textures and style for the window treatments in order to compliment your room's design - adding a custom feel immediately!

Bright Living Space

Art and accessories make a design shine!!  Once the space is completed and furniture is in place, I can help add the final touches to your project.  Combining new items with your personal "treasures"  finish up your space and makes it feel like YOUR home.

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